Godeau_245.jpg From its past Vence has preserved visible memories of testimony such as the columns of the Marseilles citizens, relics of a roman victory arch, the tour that dominates the medieval city, erected in the 12th century, the castle of Villeneuve which dates back to the 17th century as well as numerous doors and works of architecture…

Little hidden gems which unfold in the winding narrow streets.

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    In order to preserve our healthy and so much estimated environment, everyone has to act with great respect.There are civic gestures to never forget…. Stop to noise! Act for a clean city! See also : Wildlife Highlights of Vence The pays Vençois

  • Vence, Ville médiévale du douzième siècle

    De son passé ligure, Vence a conservé le souvenir visible comme en attestent les Colonnes des Marseillais, vestiges d’un arc de triomphe romain, la Tour qui domine la cité médiévale, érigée au 12e siècle, le Château de Villeneuve datant du 17e siècle, les nombreuses portes et ouvrages d’architecture… Des merveilles qui se cachent et se […]

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